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Disposable Gloves : Nitrile Gloves

 6 pc Nitrile Gloves 6 pc Nitrile Gloves
SKU #: 606
Regularly: $2.29
On Sale: $1.99  

#606 6 pc Pkg of Nitrile Gloves

Keep '6 Packs' 'where you use them'!
Garage (Autowork, Oil & Grease)
Workshop ( Chemicals & caustic fluids)
Kitchen (Preparing & Handling Food )
Office (changing Print Cartridges)
Default Medium. (Contact us for other size)

 Ziplock Pkgs 15ea Nitrile*Plus Gloves  Ziplock Pkgs 15ea Nitrile*Plus Gloves
SKU #: 615
UPC #: 937470615
Regularly: $4.98
On Sale: $4.49  

#615 Ziplock Bag of 15 Nitrile*Plus Gloves

Nitrile*Plus Gloves are 'Top of the Line' !
Fits & Feels like Latex are 3x stronger
to last 3x longer! Top Of The Line
Resists punctures, rips and tears.
Size Large (Contact us for other sizes)

Box of 50ea Nitrile*Plus Gloves   Box of 50ea Nitrile*Plus Gloves
SKU #: 650
Regularly: $9.98
On Sale: $9.49  

#650 Box of 50 ea Nitrile*Plus Gloves
(*Plus Vinyl for longer Life)

Dairy Farmers & Mechanics choice for longer life 'On The Job'. Resists Punctures, Rips and Tears. Blocks Oil, Grease Cleaners and other fluids. Top of the Line!
Size Large. (Contact us for other sizes)
Free Sample Pair Nitrile Gloves   Free Sample Pair Nitrile Gloves
SKU #: 602 -S
UPC #: 93747 0602
Cost: $1.00  

1 FREE Sample Pair of Nitrile*Plus Gloves

Nitrile*Plus Gloves fit snug as Latex but are Stronger, Puncture resistantb & Chemical resistant Nitrile*Plus are 'Top of the LIne; Disposable Gloves.

Go To Check out and use Email Box to Order.
Credit Card Info NOT needed.
Sample Sizes: Med, Large & Xlarge
100 Pair (200ea) NITRILE*Plus Gloves 100 Pair (200ea) NITRILE*Plus Gloves
SKU #: 802-100
UPC #: 0 9374700802 6
Cost: $32.95  

'Manager's Control' Box
Item # 802-100. Total 100 Pairs (200 gloves)
Nitrile*Plus Disposable Gloves
Size MED. (Contact us for other size)

'Manager's Control' will reduce employee use!

$32.95 Plus UPS in Continental USA
Not Available in NYState w/o ReSale Cert. #

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